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Our offerings include 3M standard products, Gerber products and Simulated PANTONE Colors. If you can't find a match, please click on Custom Color Matching for more information. You can also order Pantone Color Tools by going to the Pantone® Store for 3M Customers.

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The simulations of the PANTONE Colors displayed here are reflected by the color calibration settings of your personal computer monitor and may not match the actual vinyl colors or the PANTONE-identified Color Standards. Please obtain a vinyl sample for final color approval prior to placing order. Pantone, Inc. is not responsible for individual order color discrepancies in vinyl material.

This product is a simulation of a PANTONE®-identified color standard. Consult current PANTONE Color Publications for accurate color. PANTONE® is the property of Pantone, Inc. ©Pantone, Inc., 2000 Produced under License Agreement No. 813R between 3M and Pantone, Inc.